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About Grace Church
Our Organ
From memorial plaques still located in the church, the original pipe organ, of 5.14 ranks, was a Pilcher from Louisville, Kentucky, installed around 1904. Remnants of which are a chest of 16’ Bourdon pipes and a gold painted façade with 21 speaking pipes. In 1967 the organ from the original location of Trinity Episcopal Church in Victoria was being replaced. Their 1949 Kilgen #7413 was then installed here at Grace in place of most of the Pilcher previously mentioned, bringing the organ to 7.5 ranks. In 1984 a new blower, a 4’ Octave and 3-rank Mixture from Organ Supply were added. Franklin Pipe Organs assumed the service and care of the organ in 1987 and in 2002 rebuilt the main Kilgen chest with new playing action. In 2007 FPO added a new Ahlborn-Galanti AG2100 console, with its digital-pipe samples, along with a new digital relay to drive all the existing pipes. A Moeller 8’ Trumpet from the UMC Student Chapel at Texas A&M was added by swapping out certain whole ranks. Adding several other missing octaves, the end result was to make all of the stops on the Great “real”. The Swell shades and organ casework installed in 1967 were removed and an earlier panel facing the Altar area was opened up to better distribute the sound of the pipes into the whole church. Wind pressures were increased, articulation tweaked, and chiff on flutes was maximized to give the organ a crisp resounding presence in this historic wooden church. Real pipe stops are indicated in bold and digital stops are indented. GREAT SWELL PEDAL Montre 16 Gedeckt 8 Principal 16 Principal 8 Viole de Gambe 8 Sub Bass 16 Bourdon 8 Voix Celeste 8 Octave 8 Octave 4 Prestant 4 Bass Flute 8 Orchestral Flute 4 Koppel Flute 4 Choral Bass 4 Super Octave 2 Nazard 2 2/3 Mixture IV Fourniture V Octavin 2 Posaune 16 Trumpet 8 Plein Jeu IV Trumpet 8 Additional Stop Great Basson 16 Additional Stop Pedal Tremulant Trompette 8 (all digital - no pipes) (536 pipes = 8.8 ranks) Additional Stop Swell Tremulant (all digital - no pipes) 536 pipes representing 8.8 ranks among 29 assorted stops.