Sunday Service 10:00 AM | 102 E Live Oak St. | (361) 275-3423
About Grace Church
How we worship
THE SERVICE IS AT 10:30 AM. Twice a year we have a joint service with First Methodist and First Presbyterian but those are announced well in advance. The worship at Grace is a mix of traditional and contemporary with what Episcopalians refer to as Rite Two as the primary form. At present, within Rite Two, we are using Eucharist Prayer C, which is Episcopal code for a setting of the prayer of consecration of the bread and wine. We are using Prayer C because it is a dialog between the priest and the congregation, the theology and imagery is compelling, and a layman wrote it. On first Sundays, rather than singing with the organ, the service music is accompanied by guitar, base, drums, piano, and various rhythm instruments passed out to the congregation. We call it a 'Folk Mass' after the musical style of the 60's and early 70's in the Catholic and Episcopal Church which resulted in melodies that can be sung, some quietly moving, others joyful and rhythmic, to accent liturgical change.
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