History of Grace Church
Stained Glass Windows
The warmth of the wood interior of the building is enhanced by the beautiful stained glass windows that have been given over the years as memorials.

The Chancel of the church has behind the altar three stained glass panels featuring bright glass and recognized symbols
of the Christian Faith.

The Baptistry at the rear of the building features a three paneled window celebrating Christ the Good Shepherd.

The side windows of the Nave celebrate the following:

St. John, the Evangelist
St. Andrew, carrying a cross
St. Peter, holding the keys to the Kingdom
St. Francis, with his animals
St. Luke, the Physician
St. Matthew, writer of the Gospel
St. Paul, preaching the Gospel
St. Mark, holding the Gospel in his hands
The Angel of the Annunciation
Mary and the Christ Child
Stained Glass Windows1 12/01/2014
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