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Rev. Charlie Sumners and Robin Sumners

Dear Friends, I said I would send you some information about me. I decided to include something about Robin as we are both new members of your family.

The Rev. Charlie Sumners and Robin Sumners I was born in Austin Texas in 1941. I graduated from St. Stephen's Episcopal School in 1959 and from Southwestern University in 1963. I spent part of '63 and '64 in the Peace Corps in Nepal and then graduated from the Episcopal Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia in 1967. I was ordained to the Diaconate by Bishop Scott Field Bailey that same year. I served as an assistant at St. Patrick's in Washington, DC from 1967 to 1970 and then at St. John's Bethesda, Maryland until 1972. I joined the staff at St. Luke's, Atlanta in 1972 and served there until 1978. While there I served as a Liturgical Missioner introducing the 'Folk Mass' style of worship to parishes throughout the South. I also founded St. Luke's Television which was the first parish in the United States to broadcast the Sunday service with it's own equipment.

In 1978, I became Director of Communications at St. Bartholomew's in New York City. While there I created the Episcopal Television Network that produced the first teleconference in the Episcopal Church from the General Convention in Denver in 1979. In 1982 I moved back to Texas and became the Rector of St. Philip's in Beeville, Texas in 1983. I retired in 2000 and began a series of short term 'permanent supply' assignments in Texas and Colorado. While maintaining a base in parish ministry for over 45 years, I have been able to specialize in music, media, and communications.

I have designed and installed sound and lighting systems for churches and have produced many video productions for churches, schools, dioceses, and community groups. Our website is I have been a pilot since my college days and am active in the Civil Air Patrol. Robin and I married in 2000 and between us we have seven living children. She is multitalented and a perfect rector's wife. She is the overachiever in the family.

Born in Lubbock, she lived in Santa Fe and Colorado Springs. She received a B.A. and M.A. in English from Texas Tech where she was named a Distinguished Graduate. She married and moved to Pittsburgh and lived there almost 30 years. Her five surviving children have brought into the world twelve wonderful people, and those twelve, so far have increased the population by two! She received a Ph.D. in child development From the University of Pittsburgh and became an expert in children's play. She was doing family counseling when the steel mills were shutting down and she decided if she could create some jobs the family problems would subside. She had always loved dolls so she created Robin Woods, Inc. that eventually employed over 400 people and became the second largest doll manufacturer in the US. She won every major award in the industry for her designs. Google 'Robin Woods Dolls' to see her work. In 1993, Robin was divorced and her oldest son, Drew died of AIDS. Not long after that, she returned to her childhood home of Colorado Springs, where she continued to design dolls and to be a business and design consultant for many companies. She became a costume designer for the theatre there and says she wished she had known that could have been a career choice. For almost seven years she was Director of Development for a small Christian publishing company called Mission City Press, she left that company in 2008 to again free lance. Robin has become an excellent graphic designer and writer, and recently won an award for one of her short stories. She is currently working on a novel. She has served the larger church as a province representative for the Episcopal Church Women and a member of the national board of the United thank Offering.

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