Grace Episcopal Church Cuero
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Grace Episcopal Church, Cuero was organized in 1874 and the first chapel was moved from Port Lavaca, Texas. The present Church was built in 1889 on land donated by C. C. Howerton.
Grace Church exists to serve its community. Not just Cuero, but our extended Church Family. We pursue action through other programs in Cuero, across the US, South America, and Africa.
Grace Episcopal Church Cuero is an Historic Church Located in the Center of Cuero (The intersection of Broadway & Esplanade). For 100 years, Grace Church has served Cuero & the Surrounding Community.

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    125th Grace Church Anniversary Folk Music Concert
    7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
    Grace Episcopal Church
    Joe Jencks will be our guest at Grace Church for a concert on Wednesday August 31, at 7:30PM. It will be an offering to the Cuero community as part of our 125th Celebration. Admission will be free and will include a reception in Proctor Hall. I met Joe for the first time in May at the Kerrville Folk Festival where he has been a performer since 2008. He joined me as part of the service I did on the first weekend. I have been listening to his music on ITunes ever since that time. Here is additional information and some reviews of his concerts. Joe Jencks is an international touring performer, and award winning songwriter, entertainer, and educator based in Chicago, IL. From venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York, to coffee houses, festivals, spiritual communities, and schools, Joe Jencks has spent the last 12 years touring full time. His songs have traveled to every continent via his own performances, radio, CDs, web casts, and other musicians. He is noted for his unique merging of musical beauty, social consciousness, and spiritual exploration. Jencks weaves a diverse web of stories with brilliant musical skill, ensnaring even the most rigid of hearts, inviting them to open. His songs invite us to live inside of our passions and our beliefs. His career is based as much in ministering to the human spirit as it is in the performance of music. “A Joe Jencks concert is definitely not a visit to the inner world of some guy with a guitar who would like us all to sit still and listen politely. It's an occasion for singing, a contagious rising up of voices, an act of joy and defiance! …Tapping into the latent, nearly mystical beauty that a roomful of people can unleash by singing together.” – Seattle Folklore Society Joe’s life-long interest in folk music led him to undergraduate and graduate studies in Vocal Music Performance, Choral Conducting, and Music Education. Like any good craftsman Joe applies the skills of this well-rounded training, using his lush and lyrical voice to enchant, heal, and inspire to action. Joe has won numerous songwriting awards for his original work, and has an ability to connect genuinely and intimately with audiences of diverse ages and backgrounds. “He has a remarkable tenor voice that’s capable of great strength and sweetness in the same moment, much as was Phil Ochs’ voice. His guitar is always a dead-on accompaniment to his songs’ intentions.” –Bill Fischer, Victory Music Review We Do Hope You Will "Save The Date" and Join us at Grace Episcopal Church for this Event. Please share with all your friends... See you on the 31st!

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The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
- Psalm 126:3